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  • 1st: 7:50 - 8:35

    2nd: 8:35 - 9:24

    3rd: 9:27 - 10:12

    4th: 10:15 - 11:00

    Lunch: 11:03 - 11:33

    5th: 11:36 - 12:18

    6th: 12:21 - 12:18

    Conference: 1:09 - 1:54

    8th: 1:57 - 1:42

    9th: 2:45 - 3:30


  • After School every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until 4:30.

  • Email: ajpass1@mabankisd.net

    Phone: 903-880-1640 ext. 7129



Position:  5th Grade Social Studies Teacher

My Professional Philosophy of Education:

     My personal philosophy is to narrow the odds of failure in student performance.  Without a doubt, all students can learn and they are successful when they reach their highest level of thinking. 

     As a teacher, we not only use data to assess our students, but we check for understand by integrating their natural talents into the lessons.  For example, we may use interactive journals that allow them to express their thoughts, feelings, and can give validity to comprehension.  Students who are artistic might illustrate their understanding of a concept through drawing.    

     To encourage a higher level of thinking terminology such as "analyze," "predict," and "create" is used on a daily basis in the classroom. Using this terminology helps to nurture the student's curiosity. Classroom discussion is another excellent way to assess the students' understanding and engage them in a way that might engender contradictions to their initial hypothesis. 

      Last but not least, I will not take personal the ignorant mind; however, I do consider it my personal duty to educate it.  In order to perform my duty, I will seek out and make connections with each student to meet their needs.

My Motto: 

Who ever is happy will make others happy too.

                              - Anne Frank



Born:  1964

Resident:  Hometown Kemp, Texas

Degree: University of Texas @ Tyler

Years in Education:  1992- Present

Married:  Joe Pass (truck driver)

Children:  two grown children

Grandchildren: two

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