• 1st:  World Geo.- 8:00 - 8:47

    2nd:  World Geo. P/AP- 8:51 - 9:38 

    3rd:  Conference- 9:42 - 10:32

    4th: Spanish 2- 10:36 - 11:23

    'B' Lunch - 11:57 - 12:27

    5th:  Spanish 2- 11:27 - 12:57

    6th:  Spanish 2- 1:01 - 1:48

    7th:  Field Period- 1:52 - 2:39

    8th:  Athletics- 2:43 - 3:30

  • Tutorials:  Monday and Thursday 3:30 - 4:00
  • Colby Sales:  Room 114

    Teach:  Spanish 2 & World Geography P/AP

    Coach: Girls Volleyball, Girls Softball

    Contact at:

    903-880-1600 ext. 2114

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    Human geography is an AP course that seeks to improve a student's knowledge of the world around them.  While it is extremely challenging, I believe that there is not a more vital course available for today's learners.  Throughout the year we will be exploring the interactions between humans and their surroundings in a variety of ways.  If this course is approached with a dedicated mindset, it will provide a necessary bridge between prior knowledge and expertise needed in the upcoming years.  The student's will learn how to be globally literate citizens, capable of analyzing world news, maps and info-graphics, and cultural similarities and differences on a regional scale.  I look forward to a year full of adventure and learning.

    Just as a quick course outline, here are the following big conceptual categories to be covered.

    I.  Geography:  Its Nature and Perspectives

    II.  Population

    III.  Cultural Patterns and Processes

    IV.  Political Organization of Space

    V.  Agricultural and Rural Land Use

    VI.  Industrialization and Economic Development

    VII.  Cities and Urban Land Use

    This is the link for the online book.