Sr. Maynard
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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de señor Maynard!

Welcome to Mr. Maynard's class!

Spanish I/ Spanish I Pre-AP

This is an introductory course into the Spanish language and content is kept very basic.

Project based learning and collaboration are key elements to this course.  If you look below you can see many of the projects we have done in class.

Pre-AP students are expected to fill out weekly logs that show them using Spanish outside of the classroom.  Students may practice Spanish through interpersonal, interpretive, or presentational means; they can also practice their vocabulary from class.

Spanish III Pre-AP

This is an advanced course that is delivered almost entirely in Spanish.  The class focuses on improving interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational Spanish of all participants.  In preparation for AP Spanish students are expected to write letters, make presentations and reports, and view authentic resources.

Spanish Club

Spanish Club meetings/socials are every other Tuesday.  Students do not have to be currently enrolled in a Spanish class to attend Spanish club functions.

Look at the announcements below to view upcoming and past Spanish Club activities.