• Hannah Williams is a third year teacher who is proud to say she has only ever taught in MISD.  She attended Northwestern State University and the Louisiana Scholars’ College in Natchitoches, Louisiana where she received a BS in Theatre with a concentration in Musical Theatre Performance and a BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Fine and Performing Arts. During her time at Northwestern State, she was involved in at least 15 theatrical productions (either performing or working offstage) and was a member of NSU’s Chamber Choir.  She was also a member of NSU’s Out on a Limb Improv Troupe.  Ms. Williams is a Baton Rouge native and has been acting, singing, playing piano, and dancing for many years. 

    Ms. Williams has directed Junior High UIL One Act Play, hosted a weekly improv group "Improv Yourself," and assisted with productions at MHS for the past two years.

Mabank High School Theatre


"Onstage you're free. You can say and do things that, if said and done any place else, you'd be arrested."

Robin Williams

William Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage and one man, in his time, plays many parts." In theatre, you will explore all the options and opportunities theatre offers, as well as learn fun and exciting ways to be creative and express yourself.

You will need to bring:

  • A small ½ inch binder with pockets.
  • Lined paper will need to be in your folder/binder — no borrowing is allowed.
  • A pen and pencil
  • A roll of duct tape
  • Highlighter
  • Dollar store sewing kit

*Your script (folder) may be left in the classroom bin or taken with you.

*All items should be clearly marked with your name & class period.

  • If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.

    Borrowing is not allowed.

  • Act well your part.

    Participation is a must in order to be successful. You will be as successful as the amount of effort you are willing to expend.

  • Audience etiquette is always in fashion.

          Do not interrupt when there is a performance of any kind taking place. Positive feedback, when asked for, is an              

          important part of analysis.

*Gum, food, and drinks are not allowed in theatre. If they are seen during class, I will throw them away. Cell phones and electronic devices are not to be used during class unless specified.

Parents or students, if you need to reach me or have questions, my e-mail address is hjwilliams@mabankisd.net, my phone is 903-880-1670 ext. 7139.