Stacy Shelton

903-880-1600 ext 2060

This starts my 29th year in education as a teacher/coach. I have a bachelor's in education from Stephen F Austin State University. I have taught in Athens ISD Plano ISD, Malakoff ISD and have been at Mabank ISD for the last 17 years. I am the head volleyball and assistant track coach.

JH Athletics - 7:50 - 8:35

JH Partner PE - 8:38 - 9:24

HS Aerobics - 9:42 - 10:32

HS Partner PE - 10:36 - 11:23

Pre-Athletics - 1:15 - 2:00

HS Athletics - 2:43 - 3:30

  • What is it?

    Partner PE is a success oriented physical education program featuring supervised peer tutors and individualized learning and instruction.

    It is taught by a regular physical education teacher and is established as a regular unit of instruction in the master schedule. The purpose of the program is to encourage physical activity, increase knowledge of health and fitness strategies, and assist in the acquisition of individual lifetime recreation activities and /or skills with team sports.

    • Partner PE unit for basketball. We will do chest passes, bounce passes, and over head passes. We will work on shooting form and dribbling skills. We will prepare these students for the Special Olympic basketball skills competition.

  • Students in aerobic activities are exposed to a variety of activities that promote health-related fitness. A major expectation of this course is for the student to design a personal fitness program that uses aerobic activities as a foundation
    • Mondays: Cardio (track or gym)

      Tuesdays: Weight Room

      Wednesdays: Yoga

      Thursdays: Core Work

      Friday: Aerobic Video of choice