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1st - ESL

2nd - Spanish 1

3rd - Spanish 1

4th - Spanish 1

5th - Spanish 1

(B lunch)

6th -Conference

7th - Spanish 1

8th - Spanish 1


Monday 3:30 - 4:00

Tuesday 3:30 - 4:00

Wednesday 3:30 - 4:00

Thursday 3:30 - 4:00

Friday 3:30 - 4:00

Afternoon tutorials can be extended to 4:30 p.m. depending on student's need.

Morning tutorials by appointment only (7:30 a.m.)


903-880-1600 ext. 2128


Spanish I is an introductory course of learning Spanish as a second language.


Students will be required to learn common phrases, to respond to frequently asked questions, and to describe themselves and others in the first nine weeks.


In the second nine weeks, students will continue using the language learned in the first nine weeks and learn more commonly used phrases (ie. telling time and giving dates).  They will broaden their vocabulary and grammar base in order to be able to describe their family, classes, and schedules.  


During the third nine weeks, we will be progressively moving toward more difficult grammatical concepts.  Students will learn how to sequence events and have more in depth conversations with friends (ie. invitations, talking on the phone, and describing how they are feeling).


During the final nine weeks, students will continue working with new grammatical concepts and increasing their vocabulary.  They will learn how to discuss sports, comparing items, describing weather, and using learned vocabulary to give directions, addresses, and choose transportation.

Spanish 2 a is a continuation of Spanish 1. 


The first nine weeks students will review what was taught in Spanish 1.  Additionally, as time progresses, students will build their fluency and level of comprehension with simple conversation while using authentic resources and new grammar concepts. 


During the second nine weeks, students will continue to build their level of fluency in comprehension while using authentic resources and will be introduced to more grammar and its correct usage.


The 3rd nine weeks will be a continuation of their comprehension in speaking a second language as well as more complex grammar and its usage.


The final nine weeks students will learn vocabulary as related to more authentic resources.  Students will be required to use their skills in asking and answering questions in speaking, writing, and using  correct grammar.

ESL is English as a Second Language.

This class is available only to students who have been identified as English Language Learners.

In this class students focus on growing their vocabulary and learning figurative language.

Yvonne is a 1994 graduate of Paul H. Pewitt High School and a 1999 graduate of Southern Arkansas University.


After a brief stint working as a permanent substitute in Linden-Kildare High School, Yvonne began working in Mabank in 2000.  She taught in Mabank Junior High for 16 years.  During those 16 years, Yvonne taught Spanish 1, Introduction to Spanish, and Spanish/Hispanic Culture.


This year will be Yvonne's fourth year in Mabank High School.  She will be teaching ESL, Spanish 1, and Spanish 2.

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