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Dear Parents/Guardians,


I would like to inform you about a system we have implemented at Mabank Junior High to help our students turn in their work. We have called it WOW week (Who Owes Work). Our goal at MJH is to help your child have as many opportunities as possible to complete missing assignments, improve their learning, and feel successful.


Our WOW week will fall in the middle of each nine weeks. The specific dates will be posted on the webpage. During the WOW Tuesday, we will have an adjusted schedule to allow students that owe assignments an hour to complete them. (2:30-3:30). If the students do not finish their missing work during this time, they will have the remainder of the week to get them turned in. The list will be updated daily to remove students that have successfully turned in their work. On Friday of the WOW week at 3:30, a list will be generated of students that still owe work and if your child is still missing assignment(s), they will be assigned a WOW Saturday school for the following day. It is imperative that your child attends; if not in attendance we will make sure ALL STUDENTS COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS. If for some reason your child is unable to attend a WOW Saturday school, please contact the school so we can document the absence. After all, our motto is, “Where every child counts!” Your support is greatly appreciated as we are doing everything we can to help your child be successful.


At Mabank Junior High we set high expectations which include turning in ALL assignments, in a timely manner. With that in mind we are THRILLED and more than happy to reward those students that turn in quality work on time, meaning they have no missing assignments. On our WOW Tuesday, during the 2:30-3:30 time we will have games, activities, concessions, and more to come! Our ultimate goal is to see 100% of our MJH students complete all assignments so we can ALL celebrate success together!


Thank you for your support!


Danielle Williams


Associate Principal MJH


WOW! Dates for 2018-19 (Dates subject to change)


  • September 26th (Moved from Tuesday to Wednesday) 
  • November 27th
  • February 20th

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