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After several students read a true account of a Sudanese girl who walks several hours a day to get water for her family, Mabank Intermediate School raised and donated $1,000 towards building a water well in Africa during the 2018-2019 school year.  This video link shows the well that was built as a direct result of MIS fundraising.  It also highlights the grateful and excited villagers who helped build and who received this well.  

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We are determined to make a difference in children’s lives--not only at this school, but also in a third world country.  Mabank Intermediate School book club students are asking for you to donate your spare change to make a change in the world.  Our goal is to reach $1,500 and supply another village with a water well.  We would also donate some of the proceeds to help supply water filters for families who do not have access to clean water.   Each filter is $15.00 and will supply clean water to a family for 20 years.  Will you please consider helping?   You may give your donations to a Mabank Intermediate Student, drop it by the campus, or give digitally here:

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