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We are Mabank.
Mission Statement

Mabank High School’s Career & Technical Department, in collaboration with business and community, provides educational opportunities that include personalized quality instruction, career pathways, and real world experiences dedicated to empowering and preparing students for the challenges of post-secondary education and a globally competitive workforce.


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Career Clusters
Mabank High School offers students courses in 12 career clusters. Each cluster contains acombination of academic and career and technical courses that provides an educational foundation for students entering post-secondary education, and also prepares students for a successful transition into the workforce. Please see our Course Guide, Career Pathways - Six year Plans, and Certifications for additional information

AgavBusiness ManagementEducationFinanceHuman ServicesInformation TechnologyLawMarketingTransportationHospitalityHealth Science
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Occupational Outlook Handbook

ACT/Plan Interactive World of Work Map


Career Pathways

Career Pathway plans assist students in making educational choices that best fit their college and/or career goals.  Each pathway outlines a recommended sequence of courses that integrate career and technical courses with academic courses to facilitate a seamless transition from high school to college and/or the workforce.  Certifications, on-the-job training, co-curricular organizations, service learning experiences, and 2 and 4 year college outcomes are included.

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six year plans offered at MHS!

Career Pathways


Post Secondary Partnerships – Advanced Technical & Dual Credit


Mabank High School provides statewide Advanced Technical Credit (ACT) and dual credit opportunities for students enrolled in qualifying Career and Technical courses. By enrolling in MHS's ATC "articulated" courses and/or dual credit classes, students pursuing a technical career have the opportunity to receive college credit. Advanced Technical Credit earned can be applied toward the appropriate AAS degree or Certificate of Completion once students have met all other requirements outlined by ATC. Dual credit earned can be applied toward an appropriate AAS, Certificate of Completion or bachelor's degree. The goal of articulated credit and dual credit is to eliminate the need for duplicate training sessions in high school and college, therby saving students both time and money, For addition information regarding the ATC process and steps required to receive the credit, please see:

Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Courses

MHS CTE Course

ATC Statewide Couse Equivalent

Accounting I

Intro to Account I (ACNT 1303 or ACNT 1403)


Principles of Accounting (ACNT 1325 or ACNT 1425)

Ag Mechanics & Metal Technologies

Shop Safety and Procedures (DEMR 1301 or 1401)


Farm & Ranch Shop Skills I (AGME 1315 or 14105)

Ag Power Systems

Preventive Maintenance (DEMR 1229 or 1329)


Small Gasoline Engine (SMER 1324 or 1424)

Business Information Mgmt I

Computer Applications I (POFI 1301 or POFI 1401)


Introduction to Computers (ITSC 1301 or ITSC 1401)

Business Information Mgmt II

Computer Applications II (POFI 1341 or POFI 1041)


Integrated Software Apps I (ITSC 1309 or ITSC 1409)

Computer Programming

Computer Programming (ITSE 1302 or ITSE 1402)

Culinary Arts

Sanitation and Safety (CHEF 1205 or CHEF 1305)

Digital & Interactive Media

Introduction to Digital Media (IMED 1301 or IMED 1401) 


Digital Imaging I (ARTC 1302 or ARTC 1402)


Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship

(BUSG 2309)

Equine Science

Equine Science I (AGEQ or AGEQ 1411)


Horse Evaluation I (ACEQ 1215 or AGEQ 1315)

Horticuluture Science

Principles of Horticulture 9HALT 1301 or HALT 1401)

Law Enforcement I

Criminal Investigation (CJSA 1342 or CJSA 1442)


Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition for the Food Service Professional

(IFWA  1218 or IFWA 1318)

Marketing Dynamics

Principles of Marketing (MRKG 1311) 

Web Technologies

Web Design I (IMED 1316 or IMED 1416)


Internet/Web Page Development (ITSC 1319 or ITSC 1419)


Career & Technical Dual Credit Courses

TVCC Course

TVCC Course Description

MHS CTE Course Equivalent

BCIS 1305

Business Computer Info Systems Online


MDCA 1313

Medical Terminology Online

Medical Terminology

CRIJ 1301/1306

Criminal Justice Online

Practicum in Practicum in Law, Corrections, and Security

ITSC 1325

Hardware Online

Computer Maintenance

ITSC 1305

Software Online

ITSC 1391

Special Topics (A+ Test Prep)

ITNW 1358

Network+ Online

Telecommunications & Networking

ITNW 1325

Networking Online

ITNW 1392

Special Topics (Network+ Test Prep)

WLDG 1521

Intro to Welding Fundamentals


WLDG 1323

Welding, Safety, Tools & Equipment

WLDG 1530

Intro to Gas Metal Arc Welding

Advanced Welding

CSME 1430

Orientation to Nail Technology

Cosmetology Manicurist Specialty

CSME 1431

Principles of Nail Technology

CSME 1441 

Principles of Nail Technology II

CSME 1443 

Manicuring and Related Theory

 NURA 1001 Nurse Aid for Health Care Health Science Certified Nursing Assistant
NURA 1060  Nurse Aid Clinical
PLAB 1323 Phlebotomy Phlebotomy Problems & Solutions


Students receiving certification earn credentials that certify employability skills and provide an advantage in today’s workplace.  Students with certifications are able to apply for higher wage, part-time or full-time employment regardless if they are entering the workforce directly out of high school or if they are college bound.  Many of the certifications serve as building blocks to post-secondary education and may decrease the number of remedial or introductory courses required for a post-secondary degree.


 At Mabank High School, industry certifications are offered to students in most career clusters during a student’s junior or senior year. Just like dual credit, earning industry certifications in high school is more cost effective for students.  Certification fees apply, but are offered to students at a discounted rate.  Please see our Course Guide for additional information.

MHS Career & Technical Certifications


Course Required

Other Recommended/ Required Courses

Age Requirement

(Course and/or Certification)


Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Includes:  Word , PowerPoint, Excel, and Access

Business Information Management II

  • Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance
  • Business Law
  • Business Information Management I
  • Accounting I




Digital & Interactive Media

  • Business Information Management I
  • Web Design



Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT)

Practicum in Health Science - EMT

  • Principles of Health Science
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy & Physiology

18 w/ High School Diploma required

  • · Local Hospital/ Emergency Room Externship required
  • · Application Required

Certified Nursing Assistant  (CNA)

Practicum in Health Science - CNA

  • Principles of Health Science
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy & Physiology


  • · Local Nursing Home Externship for Clinical Rotations
  • · Application Required

AAOS Professional Rescuer CPR/

PedFacts 1st Aid/CPR

Practicum in Health Science - EMT

  • Principles of Health Science
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy & Physiology



Wildlife & Recreational Management Hunter Education Certification

Wildlife & Recreational Management

  • Principles of Ag, Food, and Natural Resources



National Automotive Skills Standards Assessment

(Based on NATEF & ASE standards)

Advanced Automotive Technology

  • Principles of Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
  • Energy, Power, & Transportation
  • Automotive Technology



A.S.K. Fundamentals of Marketing

Marketing Dynamics & Practicum of Marketing Dynamics

  • Retailing/E-tailing



NCCER Welding

Level 1 Safety

Practicum in Ag Food & Natural Resources

  • Ag Mechanics & Metal Technologies
  • Ag Facilities & Design



Floral Design

Principles & Elements of Floral Design

  • Principles of Ag, Food & Natural Resources



OSHA Career Safe

*Safety training provided to assist students in staying safe on the job/in the workplace.

Business Information Management I



Lifetime Certification

Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

MHS’ CTE co-curricular student organizations are an integral part of our classroom instruction.  These organizations allow students an opportunity to participate in educational and leadership activities that incorporate classroom instruction with skills that are learned in a successful career/business environment.  Merging classroom theory with real-world business situations allows students the opportunity to develop skills that will carry over into their professional and personal life after high school graduation. Mabank High School offers the following career & technical student organizations:

Come be a part of the fun! 
Contact a career & technical teacher to learn more!




  • Every afternoon (except Wednesdays) from 3:30 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Morning tutorials by appointment

Career and Technical Education



Koskelin, Shela

Business, Management & Administration

CTE Department Chair

Smith, Stephanie

CTE Secretary

Cairns, Megan

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources – Floral & Horticulture

Caldwell, Jason

Arts, Audio Visual & Technology – Professional Communicatoins

Clark, Dustin

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources – Welding

Cox, Tiffany

Business, Management & Administration & Finance

Eason, Leonard

Transportation, Logistics & Distribution – Small Engine

 Gooch, Tanner

Transitions/Career Exploration – MJHS

Goode, Rodman

Law & Public Safety

Griffin, Rob 

Transportation, Logistics & Distribution – Collision & Repair

 Groom, Mark

Business, Management & Administration - Keyboarding, MJHS


Jedlicka, Barbara

Education & Training

Hospitality & Tourism

Human Services

Kajihiro, Brandon 

Technology Applications, MJHS

McBride, Pam

Arts, Audio Visual & Technology

Information Technology

Ryan, Richard "Doc" 

Arts, Audio Visual & Technology - Professional Communications


Shoemake, Alan

Health Science

Smith, Rebecca

Business & Marketing

Thompson, Mikey

Business, Management & Administration

Thornton, Robin

Health Science – CNA

Tillman, Kristin

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources – Vet Med & Animal Science

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Mabank Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability in its employment, practices, activities and programs.

El districto independiente de la escuela de Mabank no discrimina en base de la raza, del color, del origen nacional, de la edad, del sexo, o de la inhabilidad en su empleo, prácticas, actividades y programas

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